Friday, May 31, 2013

Writing Through the Year Units by D. Jump and D. Wills

Last week I won a giveaway of $20 to TpT.  I have looked and looked to find something that I just knew I couldn't teach without.  This year my writing instruction was not my favorite.

Well...I'm here to tell you about these AMAZING units from Deanna Jump and DeeDee Wills.  They are avilable on Deanna's TpT store

Click either unit above to see more details about them.  I am already loving them and can't wait to get the other units.  These units are brief but detailed and because they are made by teachers, they get it.  These ladies know what writing workshop is like in the regular classroom and can speak to it in their descriptions.  My favorite part so far is that they have already MADE the anchor charts that they reference.  And they are in color to print from the computer.  No more of reading about writer's workshop and then having to create your own anchor charts.  These ladies have done it for you!!

They do have Units 1-4 bundled for $32.  You can find them here

Here is the list of titles for each unit.  You can click the name to find it on TpT:

I did see in a few questions on Deanna's TpT store that there should be a Unit 8.  She does not answer the questions of what the title will be.  However, she did say that once it is finished, she will bundle units 5-8 as well. 

Happy Friday!!!


  1. I was working on our writing units for this upcoming year. I will have to check out these units to see how it compares to what I came up with. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Curious Firsties

    1. welcome! I'm hoping to win a giveaway to purchase the other units!!


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