Sunday, November 29, 2015

Are you Ready for a Sale? Cyber Monday 2015

I hope you are gearing up for the big sale! I know I am. I wanted to share some of the most wish listed items from my store so I'm linking up with Teaching in the Tongass.  I also added some products that are totally new at the end of this post. Keep reading to see them!  I hope you find this helpful!

This pack is great to use with kindergarten, first or second grade struggling readers. You could use it for whole group, centers, or intervention time. I have even used it for morning work. Once your students are familiar with the format, the only change from page to page is the sight word and sentence. I have another pack that works on just sight words. You can find that in my store too! Sight Word Practice

Weirdly enough, this is one of my top sellers and most wish listed. Since its initial creation, I have updated the look and have added 2 sets of cards to use for differentiating. This is an easy activity to put in a center or math station. My students love walking around the room with a clipboard, so I tape the cards on the wall for the kids to find, count and record. I also have a memory game in my store! Place Value Memory

Let's Sequence Sentences - Summer Edition

This is one of my most wish listed items - although not seasonal right now, I have a bundle which currently includes the fall and summer editions.  I plan to post the winter edition by the end of this week (December 5th). And the spring edition will follow by March. BUNDLE Let's Sequence Sentences

These are my 4 newest packs. Two are great seasonal activities and two are great for my kinders right now to work on building their sight word knowledge. You can check them out with the links below. 

Now, it you haven't already, go see (Teaching in the Tongasswhat everyone else has in their store! Be sure to use the code: SMILE at checkout for the extra discount!

In the spirit of thanking and giving to my readers....leave a comment with what product you'd like below. I'll pick 10 people and send them your way! 


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Best Pencil Sharpener EVER! & Product Updates!

It is no lie! This is by far the best sharpener I have ever used. Since getting my first one 3 years ago, I have been collecting them ever since and refuse to purchase any others!

These are the three I have at school, but I also have one at home to sharpen there!  Get yours HERE!!!

Here is how it all arrived!  When I picked it up in the office, our art teacher was in there. I had to open the box right then and there to show her how to use it. She was totally convinced and ready to purchase some for her art room!  I even gave the website info ( to our financial secretary so she can purchase these in the future instead of the same ole ones that break in a month. 

It comes so nicely packaged in this clear box. It is also wrapped in plastic - very well taken care of. 

It does come with this other contraption. That is used to clip and secure the sharpener to a table. 

Like this!

So, to put it to work...I have these dollar spot know, the ones that ALWAYS break - no matter how much you sharpen or use carefully!!
So here goes, you pinch the black piece at the top and insert pencil. This holds the pencil in place so you don't have to. You give it some turns - far less than you would EVER think you'd need - and.....

Presto! Perfectly sharp pencils!!!
Look how sharp they are!  My love for sharp pencils is definitely growing due to this sharpener!!

So...if you have to have one now....head on over!  They have great bundle deals too!

I also just finished a big sight word pack that follows along with the kindergarten trick words from the Wilson Fundations Program.  You can see it by clicking any of these pictures.  

I also updated my Christmas Count the Room Pack.  You can look at it by clicking the pictures.  

I will have both on sale for the rest of this week!  Grab them while you can!

Five for Friday 11/20/15

I'm linking up again with Kacey to share our week!

My low babies are working hard to recognize their letters and sounds. I'm so proud of their progress!  They are really hard workers!

I finished up my Trick Word Pack that is a supplement for the kindergarten Fundations program from Wilson. My kiddos loved this is and color activity. 

We made our Thanksgiving placemats.  The kids love making these - they get to use markers!!!

We are going full swing with reading centers. The kids are great self starters and do a really good job staying on task to complete work. 

I got another one of these great sharpeners and did a review of it. If you've never had one before, you need one. It's the best sharpener EVER!!

Now head over to see what everyone else is up to. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Five for Friday 11/6/15

We made these cute firefighters this week to wrap up our fire safety unit. 

We started using these book boxes this week. Right now they have leveled books, writing journal and math journal. This is the students' go to spot when finished early at centers (for now). Eventually, I will add other word work, read to self and writing "things" they can choose from. 

I got this new purple sharpener this week. Stay tuned for my full review! I'm slightly addicted!

My students loved making these sentences. You can find them in my Fall Stations Pack!

We are chugging full steam ahead with small group guided reading. I'm so impressed at their progress already!

It's hard to believe next week, I will teach a unit on pilgrims and native Americans!  Where has the time gone?  Anyway, head over to see what everyone else is up to!