Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trick or Treat Blog Hop 2015

I'm so glad you have joined us!  A huge thanks to Rachel at The Classroom Game Nook for hosting this blog hop. It has been a work in progress for months and is fantastic!

I love staying organized!  What teacher doesn't?  I thought I would share the way I keep my planning organized as well as some digital organizational tricks. 

At school, I keep my materials sorted and stored by units that we teach. I put files in the cabinet and have started keeping other pieces - laminated things or things too big for file cabinet - in copy boxes labeled by month. Another teammate spent the money and purchased the plastic containers for each month. To me, the copy boxes are an easy way to save money and recycle!

Once I have pulled my copies for the week, I store them in these black stacking trays by weeks.  Sometimes, I'm copying things to use 2-3 weeks out to try to stay a little bit ahead of the game. Then I can use these ideas to write my lesson plans. 

When it's time for the week,  I take the huge stack and sort them in these yellow bins by day of the week. Each afternoon, I know where to find everything for the next day. Also, it I have to be out for some reason, my teammates know where to find my materials - all ready to go. 

Here's a sample of my lesson plan for this year. I always make a template to match my weekly schedule and fill in everything I want to be consistent from week to week. This takes out a lot of time in the future since I don't have to write lunch, specials, centers, etc. Find your free editable copy  {HERE} in Google Slides. 

Each year I go back and forth about typing all my plans on the computer or writing the ever hanging plans with pencil. This year, I bound my pages at school and am choosing to write my plans each week. So far, it has been fine and helps me stay organized. I like it - and hey, the plans are for me right? :)

Here's my whole "desk" area

And here's how I stay organize for reading groups. You can read more about that {HERE}. 

Well, thanks for sticking with me this far!  I hope some of my tricks can help you be organized too! Keep reading for a freebie and giveaway!!!

I do have a fun graphing freebie for you. It contains 2 different themed - 1 for Halloween and 1 for Fall -print and go pages the kids can do independently.  I also included a dice graphing game that could be added to your Math Work Stations or center time. I tried them out in my room and the kiddos love it!

Get your freebie {HERE}

If you like this freebie, you'll probably love my new Fall Stations Pack. It includes literacy and math stations as well as a few print and go activities. I hope you'll check it out in my TpT store!

Your next stop is Natalie over at It's Elementary!  Happy Hopping!!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Five for Friday 10/23/15

Here to link up with Kacey for another week!  

This is a peak at our calendar binders. The kids get in a great routine with this learning tool. While they work in the binders, I work to fill in calendar on the bright link. I love to keep the kids engaged and they love it!

This is a game from my new Fall Stations pack. The kiddos love filling in the graph and working together. 

Our other math stations are continuing to run smoothly!  It is a lot of fun to see the kids being so engaged and enjoying their learning!

We made apple pie today!  It is probably one of my favorite days of the year. Each kid gets a chance to make the filling and crust, so we make 4 pies total. I leave one with the cafeteria staff as a thank you for baking them. The other three are plenty to feed the class and there was a little left over for our amazing custodian!

We have a HUGE surprise for you tomorrow!  It starts at 9AM Eastern!  Come on back to see what it's all about!

Head over to see what everyone else did this week!  Happy Weekend!!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trick or Treat!!! Something Special is on the Way!

We have something very special planned!  I hope you will stop by again on Saturday.  Our hop is filled with over 40 bloggers!  Be sure to stop by to get some great advice, freebies and giveaways!

Until then...check out my newest products I was able to finish up this week!

Fall Stations Pack - Literacy and Math Stations

Let's Sequence Sentences - Fall Edition

Number Words & Color Words {Print & Go}

October On/Off Math Work Station {Addition Practice}

And I {BUNDLED} several things!  Check them out too: 

{BUNDLE} Let's Sequence Sentences

{BUNDLE} On Off Stations for the Whole Year

Have a great afternoon!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Five for Friday {10/16/15}

It's Friday!  You know what that means! Five for Friday!

We have been practicing "reading" with our little poems to build out concept of word. 

This week I finalized 3 products and posted them. We used the number word practice at centers this week.

The kiddos are getting the hang of center time and I'm finding myself more and more able to work with small groups and individual students.

Here's my top group. They were so excited when I told them we were going to read a book. We are gonna fly through these easy readers!

Our county requires us to set a goal each year as part of our professional growth portfolio. My team decided to focus on sight words this year. To gather our baseline data, we have to give a sight word spelling test. Most of the children only spelled the word "a" or "I"  these two girls had to go through the 4 lists of 6 words each before I could stop due to their great spelling ability!

Now, head on over and see what everyone else did this week!