Sunday, October 11, 2015

Five for Friday ... On a Sat...Sunday 10/9/15

It has been a long week!  I'm linking up with Kasey to share all about it!

We have really gotten in to guided reading this week!  I posted about it here on Tuesday. But here is what it looks like in my room.

We have been learning about nursery rhymes this week. It has been quite interesting to see how many students this year are struggling with rhyming - even just hearing the words that rhyme. 

Our math stations are really taking shape with more academic work. The kids are learning about numbers, tally marks,and patterns. 

We are working hard on letter formations and letter sounds using the program Fundations from Wilson.   It is scripted and very repiticious. But the results are amazing especially for those students who struggle. 

And lastly, I have been busy creating my newest product. It will include literacy and math stations and printables. Stay tuned to see a sneak peek this week as well as a flash freebie!

Check out my store to see what else you can get while you're there. 


But also head over to see what everyone else did this week!  Cheers!

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  1. I know what you mean about the rhyming! It's always a struggle or some of my students. I've heard good things about Fundations! Have a great week!

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