Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Guided Reading - First Week

Well, it is always eventful trying to get 5 year olds organized and understanding what you'd like for them to do in order to teach a small group of children.  However, we kinder teachers always seem to do it year after year.  I'm here to share with you a little about what I'm doing last week and this week to get them started. 

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I try to be very clear with directions and I add picture cues to everything the students are doing to keep them organized.  Here are some pictures and descriptions to show you.

Their folder has the center chart for the week.  

I put the same 4 center pictures on the whiteboard and give directions. 

 The red baskets are labeled with the center picture in order for the students to find the work to do at that center.  

This is what has worked best for me in the past.  While I am teaching my small groups, I have an aide in the classroom helping to keep students on track and checking their work when it is complete.  

My small group time this week is focusing on Nursery Rhymes (since that's our theme for this week and next).  I do follow the model of guided reading from Jan Richardson's book "The Next Step in Guided Reading."  If you haven't heard of it or read it, please take some time to do so.  I find myself to be a much better math teacher than reading teacher (I feel like every teacher knows his/her strengths).  This book has helped me transform my guided reading time to really benefit my students learning.  

You can find the book at Amazon by clicking the picture below: 

Check out Jan Richardson's website {HERE}.  It has some AMAZING resources....including videos, tutorials and lesson plan templates.

During my county's professional development centers this summer, I spent time hearing and seeing these lessons put to the test.   I LOVED IT!  So here they are in my classroom: 

I love that this student was spelling her name from right to left. It always happens with a few. 

  The folder there is how I stay organized with what each group needs. So far it's going great!  (It's only been 2 days!)

These have been a life-saving tip this year. I picked up this set of 5 baskets at the dollar store for $1. They have all the tools students will need at my table. I'm so glad they help us stay organized. 

The book has some great lesson plan templates and you can also find them on Jan Richardson's website {HERE}.  I have also made a set for myself.  I realized that I made them when I was teaching first grade so they only start with guided reading level D.  Get those {HERE} on Google Drive.

So stay posted....I will have an update.    The wonderful teacher who lead my class this summer made templates but I do not have permission to share them yet.  Here is a snapshot of one in use though.

Ok...enough from me!  I'd love to hear from you!  Do you use Guided Reading?  How do you organize your materials and plans?  Have  you read this Jan Richardson book?  Leave me a note in the comments!  

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