Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day or Father's Day gift idea

This is my favorite thing to make for either moms or dads on their special day.  Usually for moms, I will buy the large white tiles (bigger than what is in the pictures) to make trivets.  But this year, I already had these and decided to just use the smaller ones.  The smaller ones make great coasters for mom or dad. You could save this craft for Father's Day in June. 

Here you can see the kids use sharpies to decorate a picture. 

Tip: use a baby wipe to erase if they make a mistake, but be sure to dry it completely before they write again. 

Here is a final product!  They always turn out GREAT!

On the back, I write their name, grade level and date (May 2013). 

On the back again, I then add these felt stickers to keep the coaster/trivet elevated slightly from the surface so not to scratch. 

When all my students are finished, I lay them out on bulletin board paper and spray a clear glossy spray paint  for the final coat. This helps the marker not to smear. I didn't get a picture of the spray paint bottle but will do that and update this post on Monday. 

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