Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Teacher - Teacher Work Week '13 {Linky}

1. I absolutely love my job as a teacher!  It is an amazing feeling to know that I am so happy doing my job.

2. I have been married 4 years to an amazing husband who also teaches elementary. We love being on the same "teacher schedule" during the year but especially in the summer!!!

3. Which leads me to the next fact....neither of us work in the summer.  We simply play and love in our 2 year old daughter.

4. My daughter loves to play outside and go to story time. We don't get to do story time during the school year so she really looks forward to it.

5. I do almost all of the grocery shopping for our family.

6. We try to eat mostly organic, healthy meals.

7. My favorite color is blue!!

8. I am so excited to return to teaching kindergarten and am even more excited to start at a new school in my county. The staff has already been welcoming with open arms!

9. This summer I have found a new love for Yoga. I have never been convienced that it would be a good workout but since watching Elissa on Big Brother this summer, I tried it again and am totally in love!

10. I LOVE being a mom!  It is the best thing in the world!!!

Well, I hope you learned a little more about me. It's your turn. Head on over and link up to tell us more about yourself!

And just in case you can't link up today, here is the list of topics for the week.

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