Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Button - Instead of Classroom Pictures - Pictures Tomorrow!!

Hello!  I have decided to share with you my new blog button since I have not even begun to set up my classroom much less take pictures.  Today's topic for the linky comes one day too short because I have plans to go in tomorrow morning to start working on my NEW classroom!!  I will be sure to take pictures and get them posted tomorrow with the other topic's post.  

SO.......here it is:

I have finished making my new button to match my blog makeover. The font is from Kevin and Amanda.  The background is from The Enlightened Elephant.
And the bunting banner is from Gracie's Graphics.

I'm sorry if you clicked to visit just for pictures of my classroom.  Please come back to see them tomorrow!!!!  

Now you can link up too:

See you tomorrow!!

Christin - The Shifting Teacher :)

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  1. I love your blog, so bright and cheerful :)

    I am your 99th follower!! EEEKKKK! One more to 100!!



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