Friday, August 9, 2013

A New Look and {LINKY} Reminder 

Hi!  So I have thought a lot about the look of my blog over the last couple of months and have finally decided on a new design that says a little more about me and who I am.  Although I love teaching and this is mostly a teaching blog, I wanted to show more of my character. This new layout is from LeeLou Blogs and reminds me a lot about summer time. I love that the colors are more subtle and cool. They remind me of the beach which is my ultimate destination of choice. 

I have a new blog button too, I just have to refresh my memory on how to add it to my blog so be watching for it to pop up in the next day or so.

Stay tuned....I'm going in next Wednesday to set up my ALL N-E-W classroom!  I can't wait!  I will be sure to post some pictures of the progress although we don't have to be back for another 2 weeks. 

I have created a Linky for teachers to share their lunch ideas since we don't have long to eat and can't order out or leave the campus for lunch.  Click on the picture to link up!

Happy weekend to all!!

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