Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Math Stations - SALE ends today!!!

Hello! I wanted to share my newest product that I have finished. It is uploaded and included in the Tpt Sale that ends today!!! Be sure to check it out!

It includes 4 different math games that I'm going to use for Math Stations.  The kids use gingerbread themed puzzles to match dominoes to base ten blocks (similar to my pumpkin puzzles in Fall Math Stations) with numbers from 21-30.  There is a stocking themed dice graphing game.  My favorite is the Write the Room where they are adding with pictures of peppermints and candy canes.  And finally, there is a snowman measuring activity that would be great to use in January.  I think the candies write the room could be used in January as well.  So go check it out.  There is only a few hours left to purchase if for 28% off using the code CYBER at check out!!

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