Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ornaments and Guided Reading's my super cute ornaments that the kids have made.  I was looking for something to make this year without spending a lot of money myself.  They really turned out cute.  Take a look:

For the large snowman: 
I used a large popsicle stick, black and purple foam to make the hat, a piece of cloth to make the scarf, buttons for the buttons, orange bead for the nose and google eyes.  They kids painted the stick white and it dried a few days.  Then we used craft glue to stick everything else.  The kids used a black sharpie to make his mouth.  I think they turned out really well!!

For the small snowman:
I used 4 small popsicle sticks glued together.  The kids first painted all 4 popsicle sticks white.  It dried and they glued a 1/2 stick sideways to show the hat.  We painted that part black, painted black coal for his mouth, google eyes and a small orange pipe cleaner for his nose.  

After they all dried, I hot glued black yarn to the back as a hanger.  These will go in a gift bag with 3 other ornaments that my students will put under the tree for their parents.  

So...since these are oh so cute!  I decided I needed to make a set of snowmen to give to my teaching buddies and then some rudolphs, elves, and santas to give to my students and my husband's fifth graders.  Here's what they look like:

So for the reindeer: 
Again, a large popsicle stick painted brown, a red mini pom ball (the smallest you can find), green form and bell for the colar, brown pipe cleaners for the ears, light brown foam for belly, black craft paint to make eyes and brown yarn as a hanger.  (Again, I made these as the gift that I give my students for Christmas.)

For the elves, 
Again, a large popsicle stick painted green, foam for the face, hat, and belt, craft paint for the eyes and mouth, cotton ball pulled apart for the hat and a green pom for the top.

For santa:
Again, a large popsicle stick painted red, foam for the face, hat, and belt, craft paint for the eyes, nose and yellow buckle, and a cotton ball pulled apart to make the beard and hat.  

I was hoping that if I posted this early enough, some of you might still have time to make them! :)  I think they turned out awesome!!

And finally, I wanted to share a video I made that I will send to my student's parents.  As a visual learner, I always think it's a great idea to send pictures or videos when you can for parents to see what you're asking them to do at home.  Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.  

Do you use videos and pictures to communicate with parents?

I'm going to link up for Monday Made-It.  Omg...I can't believe I actually have something to share.  So go check out what everyone else has made.  

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  1. Christin,

    I LOVE those ornaments!!! So CUTE! Thanks for sharing!

    Also, wanted to let you know that since only 2 people entered my giveaway, you both win!! I loved your idea for catching the bad guys who broke into your house. Email me to chat about the details of getting your free product.

    The Land of I Can


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