Saturday, December 7, 2013

Five for Friday - On a Saturday - 12/6

This week was all about reindeer!!!  It was fun to hear the kids talk about "caribou" instead of reindeer.  They loved writing about what they would do if they were reindeer.  Ok...I am back to the top to tell you that I didn't take ANY pictures of our reindeer activities :(!  I have their cute writing craftivity hanging in the hallway so I'll be back Monday to share those!!  But keep reading to hear about some math stations and assessments!  (all of which we did last week too)


1.   My kiddos were doing an amazing job with counting tallies so I decided to change my jump around station to number words.  This is a challenge for almost all of my kids.  I have provided them  a chart that has the number words beside the number so they are able to reference it.  This is very helpful for them!

2.  This is another math station where the kiddos walk around and survey their friends.  The question this time is "How many pets do you have?"  They love seeing what their friends say.

3.  I have 3 reading groups that are doing great with reading.  This little girl is doing an awesome job at pointing to the words while she is reading.  This is the first strategy I teach them in order to track the print.

4.  Ok...this looks easy...but guess what.  My kiddos have really struggled just talking to each other.  Well...if they talk about video games or dancing, they are fine.  But when I ask them to use 'math talk' they can't!  This math station is simple.  Pick a coin, name it and say it's value while sorting.  Here are 2 partners working (since I'm taking their picture) :).

5.  I made these books last week and my kiddos did the 11 book for one of their morning work centers this past week.  They are included in this pack from _.  I really like how they are repetitive about the number with counting it, representing it and even writing the number word.  Go check out the pack!!

 This roll and write is from her pack too!
 And just as an extra thing.....Here is my table full of assessment "stuff".  We had to assess for interims that went home last Wednesday.  This little guy was sick the last few days before Thanksgiving, so I had to get him assessed at the beginning of the week!

I hope you had a good week too!  Have over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and link up or just check out everyone else's week!

Happy Weekend!

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