Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More Sight Word Practice

My kiddos need a lot of practice with sight words.  We have been using my Sight Word Practice sheets this week.  I was talking to a colleague the other day and we thought about how we could use the sight words in sentences too.  Thus, my new product is born.  I plan to use these in a center but will do a few of them whole group first.  

I included the cover, one example and then a view of all the sentences in the pack (thus far).    Click the title page to head to my store.  It's only $1.50 right now.  As I add more pages I will increase the price.  If you get it now, you can download the updates for FREE!!!

I discussed with a different colleague about our "routine" day.  My thoughts order to be better readers and writers....we just need to practice reading and writing.  Yes, in kindergarten they need a lot of modeling and some work with activities like you see above.  However, for the most part, the kids just need time to work on their writing and practice reading books (both familiar and unfamiliar).  

Well, I did this today.  We still had "centers" but the kids practiced their writing (like a mini writer's workshop) at one center, practiced reading at one center, did a phonics game on the computer and worked on sight words at the last center.  One of my sweet students (who came to me knowing 0 letters and letter sounds), was able to write the sentence he wanted to during his writing center.  He drew his detailed picture and then asked for help to stretch out the words.  As I guided him, he was able to recognize each letter (based on the sounds I was making) and was able to write them correctly.  

I give a lot of credit to Fundations!!!  This is a program that our county has purchased from Wilson.  We are teaching to fidelity.  And I truly believe that the everyday repetition of this program has helped my little guy be able to actually write a (legible) sentence about his picture only after 10 weeks of school.  

I don't know about your thoughts, but I think that is really impressive!!!!  

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  1. Oh sight words!! Why can't you be easier for our little kiddos? I love to make my kids sequence sentences. It is good for them in so many ways! Thanks for this product :)

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