Sunday, July 7, 2013

Teach Like a Pirate....PASSION and IMMERSION 

Well I have gotten a little late start on this book Linky because of my vacation but I'm already hooked.  I realized I better stop and post about a few chapters at a time before I continue reading. So here I am to tell you about the first 2 sections PASSION and IMMERSION.

PASSION: I have always had a passion about teaching but not always about the concept or skill that I was teaching. This section explains that you have different kinds of passions: Content, Professional, and Personal. I believe that you must find some kind of balance between these three passions in order to show your students how amazing learning can be. 

I have noticed that I do this more often with my Science and Social Studies curriculum than with Math or Reading or Writing. My hope for next year is to bring more content and professional passion into my teaching of those three subjects. 

How is your passion? Do you have a balance of these three passions?

IMMERSION: I would agree that this is another area of growth for me!  This past school year, I got very stressed about the new teacher evaluations and portfolio that we had to create as part of our eval.  Now reading just this chapter, I can see why some students were testing the waters or not fully "immersed" in their learning. I wasn't either!  Just like anything else, our students need our model (especially at such a young age) in order to practice themselves. My hope for next year is to immerse myself in my students learning and who knows, I might learn something too!

Do you immerse yourself in your teaching?  Can you tell by your students' behavior and reactions if you aren't fully immersed?

Again, I am so thankful to the two ladies below for finding a great book and putting together this blog hop. Please see {HERE} for other links to the book study. 



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