Sunday, February 7, 2016

It's Currently.....February!!

Listening: My 5 year old is taking a mental break and watching her favorite show before we start back in with "homework" again.

Loving: So we have President's Day off as a holiday.  If we miss any days this week, that is a make up day.  So.......I want snow....but next week - after we already get the holiday!   :)   And it looks like we could get some more snow next Tuesday......we shall see....

Thinking: I have some great product ideas - even things I want to use in my classroom - but I just cannot find the time to get any of it done!

Wanting: I have been so tired lately!  I am wanting to spend 24 hours in my bed without any other responsibilities (like not taking care of my family or cooking supper or making lunches or making coffee, etc).

Needing: I really need to clean the kitchen - like unload and reload the dishwasher...... I'm hoping it will get done at some point before bedtime!

Swooning: I LOVE crab meat!  I make a great cold crab dip - it has a good bit of cayenne in it so the spice is awesome!  Here's the recipe I like to use: Appetizing Cold Crab Dip 

You can go to Farley's blog to see what other teacher bloggers are up to in February!

Oh Boy It's Farley

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  1. I would also love to stay in bed for 24 hours! It would be nice to catch up on some sleep! I hope you can do that soon! Have a great day. Kristi Teaching Little Miracles


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