Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Check out this App!

Several weeks ago, I saw another blogger had reviewed this app.  It seemed perfect for my kinders - especially at the beginning of the school year!  So I wrote to Hamaguchi and asked if I could check it out and write a review. it is....
The graphics are great!  There are several different games they can play to help with listening skills.  This task simply asks for them to pick the ball that has black stripes (for example).  

This game asks that they choose the character that is happy or mad and the student would click the right picture.  

This game lists words in order that the students then have to select in that order.  

Once they select the correct answer, it highlights the pictures they choose.  

This next game is a sequence of events - like in a story.  The kids listen to each page and as the words are finishing the page turns on its own (see picture below).

At the end of the story, they have comprehension questions like, which character wanted to get ice cream or where did the story take place?

Overall, I really liked the picture quality of the graphics in this app.  I also felt like the skills the students were being asked to practice were spot on for following directions.  

If you're interested in this can find it here:

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