Saturday, January 30, 2016

Five for Friday {12/4/15}

I'm linking up again with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching to share our exciting week.

We started making our calendars for 2016 that students will give their parents for Christmas. Each month has a different picture that the students make.  I haven't made these in a couple of years and every year, I wished I had. So they are back!  Stay tuned to see the final product!

Here's one of our newest math stations. Remember these old school overhead projectors?  I have tons of math manipulatives that we can use with it. Our shapes unit started this week and the kiddos have loved sorting and talking about the shapes this week. 

Here is my  Sight Word No Prep w/ Fundations Trick Words in action. I am already seeing a difference in the retention of sight words since I made and used this pack in my room. Even my students who are lower readers are starting to build their sight word knowledge. 

We added many new math stations this week.  The kids are enjoying the smart board station to practice tracing shapes. My  December On/Off Pack is a hit this week too. I love hearing my students say, "oh so 6 and 4 make 10." Or " wow, 3 and 7 make 10."  

Each year, I make a Christmas ornament to give my students during the holidays. In the last few years, I have also made them for my husband's fifth graders. So...yup...that's 45 ornaments.   I was busy this week getting the supplies together and will work on them this weekend!  I used a cardboard copy box and the Ellison press to make these stockings. I plan to paint them, write the kids names at the top and add their picture to the back. 

Now head over to see what everyone else is up to!  Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching

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