Saturday, January 30, 2016

Five for Saturday. 1/29/16

Wel... I have debated hard as to whether I would even post this week. I live in central Virginia and was off of school Monday-Wednesday this week so there isn't a lot to share. We played catch up and talked about what we did in the snow!  We had a 2 hour delay Thursday and an early release on Friday. So there really wasn't much teaching time!

Here's some pictures from this week!

1.  We started working on word families in our sort journal. 

2.  We are experimenting with the idea of choice during literacy time. Students can choose where to work (desk or floor) and what to sit on (carpet square, yoga ball or chair).  

3. I took the opportunity to introduce some word work games the students could use as an "extra" center when they finished their work.

3.  I love watching how is listening center evolves over the year. Students are asked to write about their favorite part. Obviously in September, that looks more like a picture with no words. In November, we start to see the picture labeled and attempts at some words. But now, they are spelling sight words correctly and stretching out the other words to complete their sentence. It's so rewarding!!!

5. We were spending a lot of time this week (well 2 short days) working with numbers 11-20. Our next math unit is fractions so I felt like I needed to spend a good deal of time on these numbers first. 

Head over to see what everyone else did this week!

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