Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hibernation/Migration Unit Ideas & a FREEBIE!

Hi!  I wanted to share with you some of the things I plan to do over the next few weeks with my kiddos!  My team plans units every 2 weeks.  We like to talk about the birds during winter after reading this book: The After Christmas Tree (click the picture to find it at Amazon).
We read this book and talk about winter birds that do no migrate and how we can help feed them in the winter time when the snow covers the ground.  

The next resource we have used almost everyday this week.  It is called PebbleGo and my school has purchased it for everyone to use (I actually think my district purchases it).   But I have taken some snapshots to show you the benefit of this resource.  If you don't use it and are able to share this information with the staff who purchases things for your school/district, I HIGHLY recommend this site for our beginning readers.  The "research" is simplistic and the program reads the articles to the students.  During this unit, we have used this program whole group using our BrightLink.  However, I did use this with my first and second graders for them to gather information on a given topic we were studying.  I would make recording pages to go along with the articles they were reading (or listening to).  

Image result for pebblego

Here's an example of the activity I would have my first and second graders work on while researching independently during the computer center.

Here is a FREEBIE!!! My students did research and answered these questions.

What are some of your hibernation/migration ideas that you use in your classroom?  Does your school or county purchase access to PebbleGo?  Leave a comment below sharing your ideas!

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