Friday, September 6, 2013

Math Online Practice?? Help!!!

Hello all my bloggy friends!  I have my Five for Friday post ready but just need to add pictures to it.  That will have to wait til tomorrow.  Sorry!
But I would like to ask my friends if you use any online programs for math practice in your classroom.  My county used a program called RiverDeep and last year they cancelled the subscription so the lower-grade teachers are stuck without much guidance on what other programs are available for us to use.  
Here are some main features I/We really LOVED about RiverDeep and are desperate to find in a different (preferably free) program: 
- individual student access
- student progress monitored by teacher
- student progress monitored and level adjusted based on mastery of skills
I (and many of my county collegeues) would LOVE to know if there is/are some additional options out there that we have not experienced yet.  I'd love for you to share in the comments but feel free to email me too!!
Happy weekend resting...stay tuned to my Five for Friday tomorrow! :) 
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  1. Hi Christin! This is my first year teaching 2/3, but last year when I was teaching fifth grade I used a program called XtraMath. You can find it at It was a fantastic, FREE site to have your students work on the basic operations, and yes, you DO get reports on their progress, right down to the specific questions they have issues with. There are certificates to print when they master an operation, and different levels to choose from! I LOVED it, and hope to use it with my new class this year! Hope that helps!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  2. We use iXL in our district. It is sorted into grade levels and skill subsets within each.


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