Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The BEST Pencil Sharpener EVER!!!

I am so happy to finally have my new pencil sharpener!  And it's PINK!!!! 
 It's from Classroom Friendly Supplies!!!

Here are some pictures of me using it for the first time.

 I know the picture is fuzzy but look how sharp those pencils are!!!!

I'm sorry for the poor pictures of these last couple ones.  I will try to take some other pictures with my iPad tomorrow instead.  These are taken with a camera from school. 
Graphics by Erin Cobb, Kevin and Amanda, Sonya Dehart and Teacher Gem
I did realize yesterday that I now have 200 followers on BlogLovin'!  I'd like to reward some of my lucky followers so I'm having a giveaway!!!  I am not sure how many winners I will have yet but I'm hoping it will be more than 1 or even more than 2.  It will depend on how many offers I get for other blogging friends to participate.  If you wanna, will out the form below!!  I'm looking to hopefully start the giveaway on Sunday!
Happy Thursday tomorrow!!

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  1. I just came across your blog today! I hope I can help you in your giveaway! Congratulations on 200 followers! :)

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