Thursday, April 25, 2013

Math Station Games

My students LOVE math stations!  Our school has incorporated math stations in kindergarten, first and second grades.  My first graders this year used the concept of math stations last year in kindergarten and I can tell that they have a better grasp of general math concepts then my students did 2 years ago when I taught 2nd grade. 
The top 2 pictures here show 2 students working together on a math station where they are drawing number cards from 20-50, drawing the numbers using tens frames and then comparing the 2 numbers drawn.  You can see the blue number on the basket and the blue number on the desks help the students stay organized by knowing exactly where to go in the classroom for each station.

The bottom 2 pictures here show 2 other math stations.  The station on the bottom, left shows students practicing addition with a game called name trains.  I do use my students names in the beginning of the year, but have just recently changed it to celebrity names.  It adds some excitement as they visit this station but they can still practice addition with first and last names.  The station on the bottom, right shows students practice telling time to the hour and half hour using my clock game.  Students draw a card with the digital time and make the analog clock on their recording paper.

You can see all of these creations on my TpT website here:


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