Friday, April 25, 2014

Five for Friday 4-25

We had a great week!  Check it out!


The kiddos practiced with their poem about a baby chick. At this literacy center, the kids have to read the poem to themselves, read it too buddy, listen to a buddy, a illustrate it and put it in their poetry folder.  This is a routine that is started at the beginning of the year and they catch on very quickly for a very reliable center each week.

At this station the kids did a great job finishing the sentence. They were able to recall information from the book and lessons to complete the sentence.   I love seeing their ideas and they love rereading these books after I bind them. 

Here is one of my guided reading groups at my table during small group.  They have really become some great readers!!

My kiddos loved this lesson my student teacher did with the class. They were very engaged and focused on what she was modeling - a subtraction lesson. She is doing a really nice job with teaching this group!

Here is the beginnings of our Mother's Day project. I will be back for Made it Monday with the final product but I'm super excited for how they are turning out so far. 

Now go check out what everyone else did this week!

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