Friday, March 11, 2016

Springing Into Learning Blog Hop!!

I LOVE SPRING!  It is one of my favorite seasons!  The weather starts to get warmer - but not too hot.  Playing outside, rolling the windows down in the car, getting fresh air in the house!  I love everything about spring!!  Even the units I teach!  

One of my favorite things to do is teach strictly about spring - the season.  Here are some of the things I use to do that.  

This is my freebie for you!  Click {HERE} or the picture to get your copy from Google Drive!

I love using these magazines from Scholastic.  They are so informational for the kids and you can tell that the people in charge at Scholastic have done a great job researching these topics and asking teachers their opinions of the materials they provide.  Our students pay this fee at the beginning of the school year (it's usually no more than $6 for the whole school year).  The kids get 4 magazines each month and we pay the extra $.99 to get the Science Spin portion of this offer too!  

These are some of the books from our school library that I enjoy to read during my spring unit.

These are 2 new math games from Deedee Wills's new March Black and White Literacy and Math Stations.  I chose to use the addition and subtraction game.  

Then of course, there is St. Patrick's Day!  Here are some of my resources for that.

This is always a challenging activity for my kids.  They have to use their knowledge of word families to color and then put together this rainbow.  This is my example of course.  It's interesting to see what the kid's project looks like at the end.

Usually during this time, I teach about magnets too.

And finally, we wrap up the month of march with teaching about oviaprous animals and bunnies (all to celebrate Easter) before we leave for spring break!  

These are our bags we use to do our egg hunt during our spring party.  

This is such a fun activity. I enjoy seeing the creativity of each student and telling about their bunny.  

Now you can click below to see what everyone else likes about spring and collect some more freebies along the way!

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  1. Great spring ideas!! Thanks for participating in the hop!

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