Saturday, December 12, 2015

Currently....the middle of December

Yes...I am aware that it is currently the middle of December's what I'm currently doing! :)

Listening...I love the sound of Christmas music and listen to it as much as I can!!

Loving....Christmas is my most favorite holiday season!  I love the feeling of happiness, giving and love that fills the air!

Thinking...I need to finish start my Christmas shopping!  Good thing tomorrow is the last day before break!!

Wanting...It is a rainy day here in VA and I would like to put on my pjs and curl up in bed!!

Needing...I like to have the first week or 2 planned before leaving for break so that I can come back with a fresh start.  I am close to finishing but need to finish!!

Faux!  We have a faux tree!  We like the pre-lit tree!!!

Check out what everyone else is up to this December....

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  1. I thought I was late doing my currently (and I am) but I feel better that you just did yours a few days ago! Did you get all your Christmas shopping done?

  2. Just did my currently today! Better late than never right! :) I also LOVE my prelit tree! So much easier and not all the mess of needles, watering, ....

    Hope you had a merry Christmas. Enjoy the rest of break!


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