Friday, January 17, 2014

Five for Friday {1-17-14}

This week was all about new years and winter birds!  My kiddos are really improving in their reading and writing.  I took some pictures to show you because I'm definitly having one of those proud teacher moments!! :)  Take a look and be sure to go all the way to the end for a special treat! :)
1.   We finished up our week talking about goals and what we'd like to achieve by the end of the year. Here are a few of the writings as well as some pictures of the kids working at their seats on the craft.

2.  I took a bunch of shorts of my classroom in hopes that I would get the time to give you a tour of how I set things up and stay organized (or atleast try to).  Since I'm at a new school, I'm still trying to figure out how and where I want everything to be.  Here is a collage of the shots I took.  I'll share more later!

3.  Here is our hall display right now.  We talked about the Virginia symbols this week and did some research on the cardinal.  The kids made this cardinal and wrote a fact about it. The other project is our dream writing for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

4.  These are a few other updates I made to my classroom.  I added a new poem!  I really like it.  The top left is a picture of my new schedule cards. They are editable and you can find theme {HERE}.  I changed mine a little to match my curriculum.  The bottom picture is my new word wall.  The white paper covers old chalkboards.  The previous paper I had was too think so my words would not stick with the magnets.  I like that this is a much cleaner look and is easier for the kids to get the words if needed and then return them.

5.  And finally, I added some awesome new math stations.  My favorite is the mittens/gloves graphing.  I will try to get a copy of that up next week for you to use if you'd like.  My kids absolutly love stations!!!  Check out my January and February On/Off games to add to your collection!!
January On/Off - {TpT}  {TN}
February On/Off - {TpT} {TN}
I hope you had a good week too!  Have over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and link up or just check out everyone else's week!
Happy Weekend!
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