Thursday, June 13, 2013

Final work day....and I'm moving schools!!

Tomorrow is my last work day until the end of August. And that means its the only thing standing in the way of me being at the beach!

I found out yesterday afternoon that I will be changing schools this year. I'm very excited because it means I get to teach kindergarten and will hopefully not have to be hopped around each year.  

Have you ever changed schools?  This is my first move so I'm learning to purge and clean as I go. I will take some pictures in the morning and update my post. 


  1. I've moved schools twice (including this upcoming move) and grades EVERY year for 5 years! I'm also moving to kindergarten next year :) Good luck!!

    Primary Buzz

    1. Thanks. This is the first time in 7years that I know what grade I I will be teaching before the end of August. Good luck to you too!


      Ps how do you link your blog address in your comment?


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