Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stop, Swap & Roll - Product Swap and Review {Giveaway}

Hi!  I'm so glad to be a part of this swap again.  I am hopping that my post goes a little smoother than last time.  Thanks to Melissa for getting everything organized!

So I got to partner with Melissa from Creations by Mrs. Mouse.  She is a wonderful paraprofessional from Ohio who recently renewed her teaching license and is hoping to teach kindergarten soon! 

Creations by Mrs. Mouse

I loved all of her things in her TpT Store and had a very hard time choosing which one for my kiddos to try.  But here is what I picked: 

Rhyming Bundle-NEW version

This pack has 5 different activities for your students to practice matching rhyming words.  For now, I chose to print and use the strawberry, watermelon and lemon packs.  They work well for this time of the year.  You can click their picture to purchase just that pack or the bundle picture above for the whole bundle!  The whole bundle is a HUGE DEAL!  For only $4 you get 5 rhyme packs!!!  They are each $2.75 separately! 

My Watermelon Rhymes (Rhyming)
Sour Lemon Rhymes

Strawberry Rhyme Time

So I love that these rhymes are not strictly cVc words.  I just had a conversation with my class this week about how the words sound the same at the end and that is what makes them rhyming words.  One of my students said, "Well they look the same too."  And yes, while some rhyming words do look the same, they don't always have to.  So in steps this matching game.  The rhyming pairs in these games require the students to listen for the sounds as opposed to see the spelling of the end of a word.  
I did choose to write the words on the back of the cards because I wanted this to be a self checking station if there was an adult helper and I wanted to make it easier for me to remember the words too.  You know how busy teachers are all day!  It could take me 15 minutes to remember what that word was!  :)

So here is the prep work that I did to get these "center ready" for my kiddos:

I did choose to write the words on the back as you can see here.

The lemon pack has 3 rhyming words that match as opposed to only two.

Here's what they look like all sorted and stored in bags. 

Here are the finished stacks all cut out.  The lemons should be a much brighter yellow, however, I did not realize my ink was out until they already started printing and I wasn't going to waste the cardstock.  You can see from the strawberry and melon pictures that the graphics are nice and bright.

Here are my kiddos in action: 
Here they were stacking up the matches.

This was tricky for them.  They are searching hard for the matches.

So now is your chance to win a copy of this pack.  Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win:

So here are the other bloggers that got to Swap and Review: 

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  1. Great post! This is my first time doing the swap, I am having so much fun discovering great products and tools for the classroom.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. My kinders really struggle with rhyming, so this would help them practice during centers!

  3. This is great! When first graders come in without a strong foundation in rhyming, it is so hard for them to catch up. I would use this as an intervention.
    Not very fancy in 1st

  4. This bundle looks fabulous with so many ways to help students out with rhyming! Thank you for participating again, I hope you had fun! :)

    Jungle Learners

  5. Awesome blog hop & great giveaway!


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